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We are able to tailor our classes to fit your requirements by offering the credibility, credentials, and training your company needs.
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 CMI - NORMI™ Certified Mold Inspector

"In many cases, probably upwards to 80% or more of the homes we are in, an IAQ/Mold Inspection is performed and remediation is unnecessary. Sanitization is less expensive, less invasive, and less destructive to the home/office. Once the Certified Inspector determines the extent of the IAQ/Mold problems, he may legitimately suggest this protocol and assist his client in expediting the solution. By partnering with the homeowner to establish a lifestyle that substantially reduces the possibility of proliferating IAQ/Mold problems, a healthier environment is established and maintained for the homeowner and his family."
D. Douglas Hoffman, Executive Director of

Take advantage of this opportunity to "build a business by helping people" and get your NORMI IAQ/Mold Certification today.

Come spend eight of the most enlightening hours of your career with the Mold Inspection School and get your NORMI IAQ/Mold Inspector Certificate, too!

NORMI™ Certified IAQ/Mold Inspector

This is an entry level course to introduce the new inspector to the industry and may not be used for state licensure.

The NORMI™ Certified IAQ/Mold Inspector will

  1. learn the FIVE ACCEPTED TESTING TECHNIQUES that are used as the standard for developing an accurate evaluation of the indoor air quality of an environment,
  2. learn how to use the ASSESSMENT INTERVIEW PROCESS to develop a clear and concise IAQ Profile for determining a solution protocol, and
  3. learn how to write the SANITIZATION PROTOCOL by understanding how to differentiate between "Sanitization" and "Remediation" so the consumer can be correctly directed toward the proper solution to their Indoor Air Quality issues. When sanitization is preferred, the inspector may, at his discretion, offer solutions to avoid the possible future of a more costly remediation process.

The NORMI™ Business Model teaches entrepreneurs how to BE IN BUSINESS THE VERY NEXT DAY so this is a fast-paced intensive training program for the aggressive professional. As a NORMI Certified IAQ/Mold Inspector, you will be armed with every tool you need to succeed.

What is COVERED in your 8 Hour Day:

  • Coffee and Bars
    • The Industry/Problem/Solutions for IAQ/Mold Problems (It is a HUGE market, everywhere!)
    • IAQ/MOLD Overview of Entire Class (What we WILL and WON'T be doing)
    • The Sanitization Industry as our niche (You have 100% of the market available to you)
    • The Briefcase (Tools of the Trade)
    • Mold Assessment and Testing Techniques (How To)
      • IAQ/Mold Screening Kits
      • Petri Dish Testing
      • Air-O-Cell Testing
      • Tape List Testing
      • Moisture Meter Readings
      • Laboratory Reports
      • Range Brochure Evaluation (To help with your evaluation)
    • Proposals/Reports/Interpretation/Ethics
      • Interpretation of Inspection (Developing the IAQ Profile)
      • Proposals for Solution (Sanitization or Remediation)
    • Contract for Work (Avoiding Liability Concerns)
    • Post Remediation Testing (Clearance Testing results in more sales!)
    • The NORMI Code of Ethics

NO CERTIFICATION is included with this training. Students may be designated a QMI (Qualified Mold Inspector) if desired by contacting NORMI at or calling 877.251.2286


NOTE: NORMI Certification pricing includes testing supplies and Final Project processing fees

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