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 PSP - IAQ Assessment Program

"Improving indoor air quality through assessing homes, defining problems, and providing solutions."

At the heart of the IAQ Assessment program is the concept of assessing the environment, defining the problems, and then matching solutions with the problems. All too often IAQ Solutions Providers ignore some of the most obvious contributing factors to poor indoor air quality because their primary goal is to sell their air purification equipment or their IAQ solution.

In this program you will be trained to assist the client to assess their own environment using a beautiful 32 page full-color assessment booklet. To confirm their suspicions about their indoor air quality, a prepaid EnviroScreening Kit is provided with two samples and a laboratory report. This report is a qualitative analysis (not quantitative) to help the client confirm for themselves the myriad of indoor air contaminants that may be lurking in their environment. Once the customer’s suspicions are confirmed, you are trained to develop an IAQ Blueprint personalizing recommended solutions to that specific environment.

As an IAQ Professional, you know that every environment is unique and the only proper way to make recommendations on improving that environment is to offer solutions prioritized in three areas, 1) immediate corrective measures dealing with current needs, 2) installing IAQ management systems, and 3) supplemental implementation of the Sanitization Protocol. With this multi-strategic approach, IAQ will be improved and the client will know that their indoor air quality concerns are under "new management" and controlled.

See the value of this program as presented in the interview with Dr. Doris Rapp CLICK HERE

 PSP - Power Usage Assessment Program

"Improving power consumption through assessing deficiencies, defining power usage and providing solutions."

This solution-based training is built around the concept that to lower energy consumption you must first audit the usage and define the problems, the energy hogs and vampires, before you can offer solutions. Once the audit process is completed, the client will partner with you to define the problems and develop solutions to meet their immediate and long-term goals.

Many clients understand that their power bills are directly connected to power usage but are unaware of how much energy is wasted on a daily basis. This educational program provides the client with a beautiful 32 page full-color energy assessment booklet. To help them understand the amount of electricity that is used by even the smallest appliance, the kit includes the "Kill-A-Watt" tool with instructions on its usage. Another key factor to power waste is the air infiltration problems created by drafting exterior building envelopes so the kit also includes a sample set of outlet sealers for receptacles and switch plates that sit on the exterior walls. All of this is designed to help you assist the client in understanding the great impact even small changes could have on their energy consumption.

Once the client has completed the assessment process, the information is entered into a "Summary" website and you receive a list of recommendations based on the input from the client. You will then be able to offer solutions in three major categories, 1) no-cost solutions, 3) low-cost solutions, and 3) investment solutions that require a consideration of return on investment before proceeding. This program enables you to match solutions to specific defined problems so the client will know they are making the right move toward

ACAC grants 8 RCs (recertification credits) RC Registration #10011101

 PSP - Drinking Water Assessment

"Improving drinking water through assessing drinking water, defining pollutants and providing solutions"

As a prerequisite to the PSP-Water program, the Drinking Water 101 class should be taken to fully understand the history of drinking water pollution, its sources and solutions. Once the basic course is taken (and you can access it here at this page), you will be better prepared to take the solution-based PSP-Water program and offer high-tech solutions to their drinking water problems.

ACAC grants 8 RCs (recertification credits) RC Registration #10011301


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