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 QST - NORMI™ Qualified Sampling Technician

The Qualified Sampling Technician is trained in a process developed by NORMI™, National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, known as the NORM IAQ Management Program. This program was designed to provide the client with a low-cost evaluation of the air and surfaces in his living environment.Aerolite II

Indoor Air Quality has become a hot topic because many customers are beginning to understand that there are many problems associated with bad indoor air. The QST is trained in the seven components of indoor air and taught how to address each. This class is divided into two major sections: IAQ and the IAQ Management Program, a program specifically designed to solve IAQ problems in a wholistic way.

Section One

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Indoor Air Quality training begins with a review of the problems associated with poor indoor air quality and from where poor IAQ comes. Many of the decisions made in the construction process and in our lifestyle contribute to the problems we now face with poor indoor environments. As a result of those problems, more and more customers are having to deal with building related illnesses and allergies directly associated with indoor bio-contaminants. These factors are discussed and evaluated for their impact on indoor environments and the health of the occupants.

Once the student understands the problems a discussion of the solutions ensues. This discussion breaks down the indoor air quality solutions into five major categories of technology-filtration, ionization, ozonation, germicidal ultraviolet light, and uv with target plates (known as PHI and RCI technologies). By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each, the student is then able to understand the equipment that is now available on the market to solve IAQ problems, their limitations and benefits.

Section Two

Survey Sample SolveThe IAQ Management Program, specifically designed for this training in a three-step business model, that allows the QST to provide IAQ solutions to the client in a wholistic way. SURVEY-SAMPLE-SOLVE incorporates the use of air pump equipment, like the *Aerolite II, and surface sampling, along with an onsite risk assessment, to evaluate the problems and then offer a solution. This two-step process has proven to be very successful in accomplishing the goal of solving problems and to enhance living indoors. Every project should start with a proper evaluation (diagnosis) before offering a solution (prognosis), otherwise the result could be less than favorable (malpractice).

This basic training will allow the student to be prepared for the next level of training, NORMI Certified Environmental Educator (CEE), that addressed ALL TYPES of indoor living technologies including drinking water purification, surface cleaners, yard care, bedding, lighting, cooking, and other issues associated with our health.


The QST class is 2.5 hours packed with information and resources for understanding the IAQ industry. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have access to the following benefits:

  • NORMI™ QST Certificate Suitable for Framing
  • FREE Website Listing at (with activated membership)
  • FREE Resource for Operating Your Business as a QST (available in member section)
  • FREE Packet of Materials (downloadable for ONLINE class)
  • NORMI™ Membership (can be activated at

*All equipment, including the Aerolite II is available for purchase by NORMI members at substantial discount. These products are supplied directly to NORMI members through and discount laboratory services provided by

ONSITE-This class is offered throughout the country and includes a variety of training methods including use of the Internet, Lecture, Video, and Hands-on training. Check schedule for a class near you. (Trainers need to supply the demand for this class. Contact

ONLINE-This class is broken into modules to be taken utilizing a password protected environment that requires a quiz and the student receives the same benefits as listed above.
View the QST Online Trailer

OFFSITE-This "self-study" course includes CDs and study manual along with supporting paperwork. Once the course is completed, a proctored online quiz would be taken to evidence proficiency and understanding.

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