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 Courses and Schedules
 Onsite Courses
08/03-05 Sunrise, FL CAIA $2400.00
08/11-13 Orlando, FL CMA-3 $899.00
08/11-13 Orlando, FL CMR-3 $899.00
08/11-13 Orlando, FL MRSA-3 $899.00
08/11-13 Orlando, FL MRSR-3 $899.00
08/11-12 Orlando, FL CEFL01 $549.00
08/18-20 Sunrise, FL (SPANISH) CMA-3-Sp $899.00
08/18-20 Sunrise, FL (SPANISH) CMR-3-Sp $899.00
08/18-20 Sunrise, FL (SPANISH) MRSA-3-Sp $899.00
08/18-20 Sunrise, FL (SPANISH) MRSR-3-Sp $899.00
08/18-20 Sunrise, FL (SPANISH) CEFL01 $549.00
08/25-27 Sunrise, FL CMA-3 $899.00
08/25-27 Sunrise, FL CMR-3 $899.00
08/25-27 Sunrise, FL MRSA-3 $899.00
08/25-27 Sunrise, FL MRSR-3 $899.00
08/25-26 Sunrise, FL CEFL01 $549.00
09/15-17 Treasure Island, FL CMA-3 $899.00
09/15-17 Treasure Island, FL CMR-3 $899.00
09/15-17 Treasure Island, FL MRSA-3 $899.00
09/15-17 Treasure Island, FL MRSR-3 $899.00
09/15-16 Treasure Island, FL CEFL01 $549.00
09/29-30 Orlando, FL CEFL01 $549.00
09/29-10/01 Orlando, FL CMA-3 $899.00
09/29-10/01 Orlando, FL CMR-3 $899.00
09/29-10/01 Orlando, FL MRSA-3 $899.00
09/29-10/01 Orlando, FL MRSR-3 $899.00
10/27-28 Sunrise, FL CEFL01 $549.00
10/27-29 Sunrise, FL CMA-3 $899.00
10/27-29 Sunrise, FL CMR-3 $899.00
10/27-29 Sunrise, FL MRSA-3 $899.00
10/27-29 Sunrise, FL MRSR-3 $899.00
11/10-12 Treasure Island, FL CMA-3 $899.00
11/10-12 Treasure Island, FL CMR-3 $899.00
11/10-12 Treasure Island, FL MRSA-3 $899.00
11/10-12 Treasure Island, FL MRSR-3 $899.00
11/10-11 Treasure Island, FL CEFL01 $549.00
11/17-19 Treasure Island, FL CAIA $2400.00

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Continuing Education Units
Best Training School is now offering accredited CEU credits for the States of Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and more!
Customized Training
Best Training School will tailor our classes to fit your requirements by offering the credibility, credentials, and training your company needs.

 Specialized Training
Specialized Training where the curriculum is customized for your individual staff, business, association, or organization is available through by request.

We are able to tailor our classes to fit your requirements by offering the credibility, credentials, and training your company needs.
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 Courses Available

CBA - Certified Biocide Applicator

Applies approved, green technology, safe and proven anti-microbials, protectants, encapsulates, biocides, and other chemicals for the prevention and control of surface microbes including mold, bacteria, and algae.

CIEA - Certified Indoor Environmental Advisor

The Highest level of training in all areas of indoor air quality and water, including the latest techniques for addressing both. The Certified Indoor Environmental Advisor is able to develop an entire Indoor Environmental Impact Evaluation and offer extensive solutions affecting indoor air quality and water.

CMA - Certified Mold Assessor

The Certified Mold Assessor class is an advanced CMI course that includes an additional two days to the, already successful and effective, CMI one day course. This program is designed to be more intense and more comprehensive than the CMI course and will, in some cases, qualify the attendee to meet a 24 hours training requirement being established by some states for the Mold Assessor licensing now under consideration.

CMI - Certified IAQ/Mold Inspector

Investigates Indoor Air Quality and Mold problems and develops an IAQ Profile for the purpose of offering either Mold Sanitization or Mold Remediation recommendations.

CMR - Certified Mold Remediator

Recognized, licensed, and insured as a Mold Remediator. The Certified Mold Remediator is trained in all aspects of Mold Inspection, Mold Sanitization, and Mold Remediation techniques.

FRAP - First Responders Awareness Program

This program is specifically designed to train ACTIVE NORMI Members in the ability to facilitate training for First Responders in their community to make them aware of the potential health hazards related to dealing with mold and bacteria in environments in which they may find themselves. It is important to safeguard the health of our First Responders and this FREE program is offered to any group requesting training in this area. NORMI Members are encouraged to provide these services as a Community Outreach program and free service provided to the community in which they reside. For more information, contact NORMI at or call 877.251.2296

IAQ - Indoor Air Quality Management Program

The IAQ Management Program is a method by which NORMI Members offer indoor air quality solutions to their clients. Based on the SURVEY*SAMPLE*SOLVE, three step, two-visit business model, this program is utilized by the CMI, QST, and CEE and is a part of each of their trainings. This program is available to ACTIVE NORMI Members only.

NTP - NORMI™ Trained Professional

Best Training School offers classes on a variety of subjects including indoor air quality, drinking water quality, "Mold-Free Construction" building practices, and technical training on specific products. Although these classes do not qualify for NORMI Certification status, they are recognized as meeting the same strict criteria of professionalism and commitment to accuracy.

QST - NORMI™ Qualified Sampling Technician

Indoor Air Quality has become a hot topic because many customers are beginning to understand that there are many problems associated with bad indoor air. The QST is trained in the seven components of indoor air and taught how to address each. This class is divided into two major sections: IAQ and the IAQ Management Program, a program specifically designed to solve IAQ problems in a wholistic way.

All classes offered are certified by NORMI™
The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors

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