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7/29-30 Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Spanish) CEFL01 $549.00
8/2 Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Spanish) LeadRRP-CEFL16 $499.00
8/13-14 Ft. Lauderdale, FL CEFL01 $549.00
8/22 Covington, LA LeadRRP-CEFL16 $349.00

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7/26 Proctored Online Class CEFL08 $80.00
7/29-30 LIVE Online Simulcast (Spanish) CEFL01 $549.00
8/13-14 LIVE Online Simulcast CEFL01 $549.00

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   State of Florida Mold Related Services Board   Who Needs This?

State of Florida Mold Related Services Board

NORMI (National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspector has been approved as a training provider for the State of Florida MRS Board (Provider #0003605) to offer continuing education courses approved for license renewal. When a course is listed here it has been approved for continuing education credits in accordance with Rule 61G6-9.012(3), Florida Administrative Code.

Once completing the course, NORMI automatically submits your attendance record to the State of Florida through its online reporting portal - there is nothing further for you to do except attend.

To verify the number hours through the State of Florda:

  1. VISIT the Florida DBPR Website
  2. For "Requirement" SELECT Report Writing (or any of the four requirements)
  3. For "Course Type" SELECT Classroom
  4. For "Provider Name" TYPE NORMI
  5. CLICK "Search"
  6. When you receive results CLICK ON "Provider Information" INFO button and see the details of the class, including ALL 14 CEU hours it includes.


   FREE Florida CEUs (Continuing Education)

Through the NORMI ACTIVE Membership (, many of these classes are offered at NO CHARGE to active members. When offered at no charge, these courses are provided through a LIVE ONLINE format in their regularly scheduled Tuesday night training. All other offerings have associated fees to cover materials, logistics and trainer costs. For more detailed information, contact NORMI at 877.251.2296 or email

These classes, approved by the State of Florida Mold Related Services Board are provided under the PVDR2 #0003605 approved provider number but the individual course numbers are provided at each class because different numbers are given for different formats. In this case, the numbers provided here, where identified, are given as ONSITE course numbers. LIVE ONLINE formats are given a different approval number.

NOTE: Some of these classes are considered "advanced" courses and best understood by those already working in the industry, certified or trained by a nationally recognized organization like NORMI, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors.


   CEFL01 - Mold, Moisture and SOP (14 hrs)
Onsite #0000090

This is a two (2) day onsite course that includes training in the areas of mold, moisture and Standards of Practice. It is usually paired with the initial three-day training as the first two days and covers the basic materials dealing with mold, how it grows, how it affects our health, moisture and moisture intrusion, and Standards of Practice. For a detailed review of the tick-tock (schedule) for this class, see our CMA/CMR or MRSA/MRSR schedules. Onsite Course #0000090


   CEFL02 - Mold, SOP and IR/Thermal Imaging (14hrs)
Onsite #0000050

This is a two (2) day onsite course that includes training in the areas of mold, moisture and IR/Thermal Imaging. It is usually paired with the initial three-day training as the first two days and covers the basic materials dealing with mold, how it grows, how it affects our health, moisture and moisture intrusion, and Thermal Imaging. For a detailed review of the tick-tock (schedule) for this class, see our CMA/CMR or MRSA/MRSR schedules. Onsite Course #0000050 Read More


   CEFL03 - Mold Protocol Writer (4 hrs)
Onsite #0000329   Online Live #0000333

Many assessors struggle with writing a legible remediation protocol that guides the remediator through either the sanitization or remediation project. This four (4) hours CEU course is a great stand-alone course for those who wish to learn how to write effective and easy to use remediation protocol. In a desktop setting, the student is taught how to create a remediation protocol template using MSWord, the IICRC S-520, NY City Guidelines and the NORMI Professional Practices. This generic Mold Remediation Protocol (MRP) can then be easily modified to fit any project, small or large. Once completed, the student may apply for NORMI certification based on specific criteria and under separate cover.


   CEFL04 - Mold Health Concerns (2 hrs)
Onsite #0000271   Online Live #0000330

Much has been written about the health concerns connected with mold and other IAQ contaminants. This one (1) hour CEU course details some of the physical reactions associated with mold and highlights the importance of protecting the occupants and workers from mold exposures. The information contained in this class is provided with backup documentation gives a clear understanding of how mold may affect our health.


   CEFL05 - Protecting the Public (1 hr)
Onsite #0000273   Online Live #0000331

It is the responsibility of the remediation contractors, technicians and mold workers to protect themselves and the occupants from mold contamination in indoor environments. This one (1) hour CEU course emphasizes the importance of avoiding scare tactics while incorporating good solid documented information and practices that will protect the public during and after a mold project.


   CEFL06 - Mold Guidelines and Standards of Practice (3 hrs)
Onsite #0000272   Online Live #0000457

The mold profession training often lacks details and approved standards but utilizes a host of materials to create guidelines for best practices. This three (3) hour takes the student through the standard guidelines and library resource generally used for mold assessment and remediation with specific emphasis on the insurable NORMI Professional Practices as it becomes an integral part of any mold sanitization or remediation process.


   CEFL07 - Mold Remediation Processes (4 hrs)
Onsite #0000274   Online Live #0000275

Having a clear system for practicing remediation gives confident to the contractor and the workers that projects will go smoothly resulting in consistent outcome. This four (4) hour CEU course introduces the "NORMI 30 Steps to Successful Remediation", a checklist to govern all remediation projects whether small or large. Based on industry standards including the IICRC S-520 and NORMI Professional Practices this is one of the most practical courses on remediation offered to mold assessors, remediation contractors and mold technician/workers on the market today.


   CEFL08 - Mold Assessment Report Writing (4 hrs)
Onsite #0000278   Online Live #0000277

Many assessors struggle with writing the assessment report because it requires a clear understanding of all the pieces of a big puzzle, how to organize the information and draw conclusions in a clear, concise report. This four (4) hour CEU course is a great stand-alone course for those who wish to learn how to write effective report which interprets, for the client, the information collected during the assessment process. In a desktop setting, the student is taught how to create a Mold Assessment Report (MAR) using MSWord. This generic report template can then be easily modified for future projects saving time and energy in the process.


   CEFL09 - Mold Assessment Best Practices (1 hr)
Onsite #0000282 Online Live #0000281  

Lacking in the industry has been clear, insurable best practices for the assessment side of the profession. This one (1) hour CEU course takes the student through the NORMI Professional Practices so the he/she will understand how to utilize this resource in bids, proposals and reports to shift liability from his/her shoulders and create a consistent system by which all assessments processed.


   CEFL10 - Mold Remediation Best Practices (1 hr)
Onsite #0000283   Online Live #0000280

Lacking in the industry has been clear, insurable best practices for the remediation side of the profession. This one (1) hour CEU course takes the student through the NORMI Professional Practices so the he/she will understand how to utilize this resource in completing successful sanitization and remediation projects using insurable practices. These professional practices complement existing practices whether those practices are based on NY City Guidelines or IICRC S-520.


   CEFL11 - Florida Mold Licensing Law (1 hr)
Onsite #0000284   Online Live #0000284

Understanding the mold licensing law as it applies to mold professionals in Florida is critical to protecting yourself from downside litigation. This one (1) hour CEU course takes the student through the Florida Mold Licensing Law Chapter 468. This class is a practical discussion of the implications of the licensing law and how it impacts your business.


   CEFL12 - MDRT Mold Damage Restoration Technician (14 hrs)
Onsite #0000286

The MDRT (Mold Damage Restoration Technician) course is designed to teach restoration personnel that perform remediation work to give them a better concept of water damage, it's effects and techniques for drying of structures. This course will give residential and commercial maintenance personnel the background to understand the procedures necessary to deal with water losses, sewer backflows, and contamination such as mold. (14 Hours of Florida CEUs) Read More


   CEFL13 - Advanced Level 2 Assessment Training
Onsite #0000302

NORMI is introducing this much anticipated and requested course for those who have had CMA/MRSA training and want to gain CEUs and/or work toward a new and advanced assessment certification. This core 14 hour course will fulfill FL CEU requirements for MRSA or MRSR licensees. It is also the core requirement for a brand new NORMI certification. (Additional coursework required). Set yourself apart from your competition!

NORMI training has always emphasized the importance of understanding building science as a foundation for evaluating both residential and commercial buildings. This course is a giant leap in that direction. Take your assessment business to the next level toward a forensic evaluation. This course will help you get there.


Topics include:

  • Advanced Assessment Process
  • Advanced Sampling and Sampling Strategies
  • HVAC Non-Invasive Microbial Investigations
  • Understanding Fundamental Building Science of Moisture Movement
  • New NORMI Professional Practices Updates for Sensitive Occupants
  • New Lab Interpretation Strategies for Sensitive Occupants
  • Detailed Lab Report reviews and analysis
  • New assessment and remediation innovations and tools
  • Interactive assessment process hands-on

14 Hours includes W/MI=4, M/MS=2, SOP=8


   CEFL14 - Mold Odor Abatement (14 hours)
Onsite #0000332 Online LIVE #0000384

NORMI™ introduces this 14 hour course built around how to eliminate and manage malodors. During the remediation process and after, odors can be problematic for much of the population so understanding where these odors come from and how to eliminate them with current technologies is a must.

I've attended my fair share of educational classes and certifications, including several odor removal courses/certifications. I've come to expect a basic learning experience with the instructor(s) freely telling war stories of situations they've encountered and resolved...with little education and/or insider knowledge as to how and the science behind it. Most instructors are happy to boast throughout the class, but rarely shared any insider knowledge and the actual methods used. The educational material is usually dry, down-right boring, and so scripted that the presentation slides feel like nothing more than a read-along offering as the instructor reads them to the class attendees. In short, very little "real" content, a limited learning experience, and "good enough" to pass the certification test. It's sad, but true.

However I was quite pleased, thrilled would be a better description, with Louis Adams' Odor Abatement Specialist certification class! Louis is not the usual instructor, and I mean that in a very complimentary manner! Louis actually shares his knowledge, keeps the attendees engaged, shares his insider secrets and somehow manages to cover all the material without once just reading presentation slides to us! I'm proud to say I actually learned quite a bit from this class! Did he touch on war stories? Yes, but not to brag...but to actually educate us. He shared not only the odor issues he worked on, but he actually shared HOW he resolved it. He gave us many tips, willingly shared the "secrets" of the trade and covered all the course material in a fun and engaging way! This was one of the few classes I ever attended where I felt the instructor was truly engaged and excited to teach the subject matter. Louis even shared his contact information....and he actually responds in a post-class environment! I really believe he's more than an instructor; he's a mentor!

You want to really learn about odor abatement? Attend Louis Adams' class....the man is a true expert in the odor abatement field! The price paid for Louis' knowledge is a bargain!

Paul WImbert
Stat Sanitizing, LLC

   CEFL16 - Mold Project Lead Removal
Onsite #0000353

IMPORTANT: This is the official EPA Lead RRP training course that allows you to be certified by the EPA and protect you from the potential $37,500 fine for non-compliance. Only these states are NOT included for certification as they have their own training requirements. This RRP training does not certify for work done in Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin, or in the Bois Forte Tribe.

Introduction and welcome - The purpose of this class is to educate mold remediators on the proper removal and disposal of lead contaminated mold-infected construction materials. When pre-1978 homes are under consideration, special circumstances require that the remediator be properly trained in the removal of materials. This class includes instruction through video and hands-on training that equips the licensed mold assessor to write appropriate protocol and remediators to do the proper job.

Module 1: Why Should I Be Concerned - This section helps the mold professional understand the unique circumstances surrounding pre-1978 homes. Understanding the health issues related to this subject is critical to create the proper containment and disposal of contaminated materials.

Module 2: Regulations - There are two set of guidelines that govern such projects and this section discusses both. The EPA RRP guidelines specifically deal with lead contaminated construction materials while the NORMI Professional Practices provides insured best practices for the safe removal and disposal of such materials.

Module 3-4: Before Beginning Work & Containing Dust During Work - Hands-on training will allow the student to actually build containment and better understand the importance of isolating critical barriers. The section will also include the explanation and demonstration of negative air machines and air scrubbing as they impact the engineering controls required for proper containment.

Module 5: Controlling Dust - During the gross demolition process, the control of particulate is critical to creating a successful PRV. In this section we will demonstrate, and the student will participate in, the proper disposal techniques and maintaining containment throughout the project incorporating negative air and proper air scrubbing.

Module 6: Cleaning Activities and Checking Your Work - Cleaning the surfaces requiring a much higher level of detail surfacing cleaning than the standard mold remediation project. More like dealing with high-risk occupants, the remediation process requires a different kind of protocol and PRV standard. Interim inspections are required throughout the process and so checking your work is discuss in some detail.

Module 7: Recordkeeping - The mold project where lead is involved must be documented in a very specific way to protect the assessor, remediator, employees and occupants from potential downside litigation. This section discusses that process. This section further discusses the importance of having the remediator's work-force properly trained in this critical process.

Quiz/Certification - To receive a certification for this level of remediation, the student will take a short thirty (30) question quiz and, once passed, receive a certification for the removal of lead during a mold project.


   CEFL18 - Mold Business Marketing (3 hours)
Onsite #0000396 Online LIVE #0000397

This course is designed to help entrepreneurs better understand client dynamics and how to present their product and services to a ever-changing marketplace.


   CEFL19 - Mold Assessment Refresher Course (14hr)
Onsite #0000409 Online LIVE #0000408

This course, formerly titled IAQ Strategy, Sampling and Solutions, has become one of the most popular courses for assessors because it expands the assessment discussion to include hands-on training in the three identified areas. Strategy - learn how to develop a sampling strategy that helps you decide how many samples to take, what samples to take and where based on the use, airflow, finishes, cubic footage and HVAC system of the living/working environment. As those factors change, so does your strategy. Sampling - expand your knowledge and tool belt by understanding the different options you have for indoor air quality sampling methods. Hands-on demonstrations of new sampling devices will help you earn more money on each project. Solutions - a solution-based assessment always leads the client to the newest and latest high-tech equipment and solutions for solving indoor air quality issues. Included in this training is the NITP (NORMI IAQ Trained Professional) module which enables you to purchase, resell and install the iQi monitoring program and be listed at as an IAQ professional providing those services. Learn how to build residual income by getting a piece of the monitoring program monthly fee.



   CEFL20 - Certified Mold Remediation for Sensitized Individual (14hr)
Onsite #0000412 Online LIVE #0000417

This course is designed to train remediation and assessment contractors on the special techniques and protocols that should be used when dealing with sensitized individuals. Although substantial progress has been made in the last two decades in developing appropriate procedures, industry guidelines, and even regulations regarding mold remediation; most of those efforts have been directed toward remediation that produces an environment that is safe for typical occupants. However, experience has shown that such "standard" remediation projects, even when done in full compliance with the current industry standard of care, often are not enough to create a safe environment for individuals who have become sensitized to mold.



   CEFL21 - Mold Remediation Refresher Course (MRRC) 14 hrs.
Onsite #0000462 Online LIVE #0000461

This course is an advanced refresher course for those remediators who would like to hone their skills and see some of the new techniques and products being utilized in the mold remediation industry. Topics include: Introduction and industry update, the health impacts from mold, mold remediation standard of care, mold sampling and new advances, PPE review, isolation and engineering controls, mold remediation practices, mold remediation equipment, and mold resistant rebuild.



   CEFL22 - Environmental Allergen Assessor (NCEAA) 14 hrs.
Onsite #0000448 Online LIVE #0000447

This NCEAA™ course has been specifically designed and developed to support three pieces of equipment in the IAQ assessment, monitoring and solutions space and requires active NORMI membership for certification. This course will enable the IAQ professional to utilize a nationally recognized NORMI™ certification to establish credibility in the medical arena and provide IAQ monitoring through Though the NCEAA™ is not a medical professional himself, being able to offer allergists, naturopaths, alternative medical professionals, and mainstream medical practitioners the ability to evaluate the indoor environment will assist them in providing a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment for their patients. To access this course, please login to as an active member.



   CEFL23 - NORMI Certified Microbial Professional (NCMP™)

The NCMP™ represents the highest-level training available in the mold remediation industry. From its inception, it incorporated a number of features which set it apart from other offerings in the restoration industry. As it was prior to the rebranding, prerequisites to the NCMP require interested individuals to have successfully completed a mold remediation technician course and a mold remediation supervisor course (while these courses are also offered by Wonder Makers Environmental, the prerequisites can be obtained from a number of sources including NORMI, IICRC, Indoor Sciences, etc.). In addition to successfully completing the NCMP course, the completion of a capstone project is required of indviduals who aspire to become a NORMI Certified Microbial Professional.



   CEFL25 - NORMI™ Indoor Environmental Health Assessment (IEHA)
Onsite #0000448 Online LIVE #0000447

There is a missing link in on-site inspections and remediation. Because the building didn't call for help, a person did. A problem in an occupied building starts with the people and ends with the people. People are what links the awareness of a particular problem with the satisfactory conclusion of that problem.

The building itself is an instrument to be adjusted and tuned into acceptability for the benefit of the people who occupy that building. HOW to work effectively and safely with the people, within the context of the building, is the missing link.

The NORMI™ Indoor Environmental Health Assessment class provides you with specific tools you can use to address each of the "people" issues, just like you have tools for addressing the building issues. The results gained from the use of these tools then allow you to address the building issues with more clarity and focus.



   CEFL26 - NORMI™ Certified Moisture Thermographer (NCMT™)
Onsite #0000448 Online LIVE #0000447

This course is designed to give an overview of infrared cameras and the use of thermography in the detection of moisture and mold in building structures. It will address basic concepts such as heat flow and emissivity that affect thermal readings, Infrared camera capabilities, usage, and care, and the use of thermography in the detection of conditions that could lead to mold growth and IAQ issues. The goal is to give the IAQ professional another tool to use in the detection and mitigation of moisture issues that lead to mold growth.


   CEFL02 - Mold, SOP and IR (Thermal Imaging)

"Mold, SOP and IR (Thermal Imaging)"
Course #0000050 (ONSITE Class only)
14 Hours includes W/MI=6, M/MS=4, SOP=2, RW=2

This course has been specifically designed to meet the licensing renewal requirements for the Florida Mold Related Services Assessor (MRSA) and Florida Mold Related Services Remediator (MRSR). This two-day course covers materials required to meet the statute in the areas of mold mycology, sources of moisture, report writing and the Florida Standards of Practice and includes specific training on IR (Thermal Imaging) technology as it relates to moisture intrusion and identification. Students ARE NOT required to bring with them an IR camera but it is helpful to do so. Help with purchasing a camera may be given to you through our IR Affiliate partners by calling Best Training School at 888.856.4803 (Discounts may be provided when you are an ACTIVE member of NORMI)

As an ONSITE class only, this class provides the following hours (M/MS=4; W/MI=6; RPT=2; SOP=2) NOTE: Please be advised that the option of activating your membership with NORMI (the international trade association for mold professionals) will be discuss in some detail at each class).

NORMI, IICRC and ACAC give, in some cases, credit for these classes as CEUs toward their certifications. Because of the fluid nature of such credit, confirmation will be discussed in the "Introduction" at the ONSITE course. Online courses do not carry such additional benefits.

At the ONSITE class a binder is provided as a Mold Remediator manual which includes all of the slides discussed in the class and slides not discussed but pertinent to the assessment and remediation processes. This booklet also includes the latest version of the NORMI Professional Practices. The modules covered are as follows (some sections in more detail than others):

DAY ONE I. Mold Licensing Law--REFRESH
II. Chemicals-What to use and why.
III. NORMI Professional Practices-Doing it right!
IV. Protecting the Public
DAY TWO V. Health Concerns--REFRESH
VI. Thermography-How and why to use it.
VII. Writing the Work Plan (Scope of Work)

A WORD about Thermal Imaging Technology-"The reason we wanted to add this module is to better educate the student on how to utilize IR imaging technology to discern between insulation and moisture, find suspect moisture and trace moisture intrusion for the purpose of writing or accomplishing a more successful regulated mold related services remediation project. This class has been specifically designed for the MRSA or MRSR who desires to utilize the most advanced non-invasive diagnostic technology to make his/her job more effective and time efficient. We caution that all IR technology be utilized in conjunction with standard moisture meter and moisture mapping to verify temperature anomalies," explains Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI (MRSA/MRSR)

The ONSITE schedule is posted on the left of the page under "Onsite Courses".


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